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The General Secretariat meeting on April-5-2021.

The General Secretariat of the Syrian Opposition Conference for a Political Solution (Cairo conference) held a meeting with the presence of 29 of its members and the absence of 12 with an excuse and a mandate.

The meeting has discussed the state of political and popular frustration which resulted from the stalled political process and procrastination in the activities of the Constitutional Committee in addition to the questioning stances in response to the value and possibility of the success of a just political solution acceptable by the majority of Syrian people in accordance with United Nations resolutions and in cooperation with its team and the member states of International Syria Support Group (ISSG /Vienna), and the necessity for Cultural, political and civil mobilization- for preventing the setback toward the illusions of military choices or those that lead to further fragmentation and division of the  social cohesion and territorial integrity of Syria- In cooperation with all democratic patriots who are keen on a citizenship state that puts an end to the tragedies of corruption, tyranny and violence.

The meeting also has discussed the activities of the Cairo Conference Committee during  the last three months. The representatives of the conference’s bureaus (Media, communication and international relations, resources, regulatory affairs, women, human rights, and studies unit) has offered a review about their activities. Then, the General Secretariat approved the proposals submitted for the next phase, in particular the process of cultural and knowledge enrichment for the conference official web-site and making the necessary communications in Syria, Arab world, and worldwide, to follow-up the Syrian situation and the prospects for national action in the coming period.

The meeting has approved the Studies Unit’s working plan for organizing three seminars for higher Empowerment and development in partnership with specialized research centers and Syrian cadres during the month of Ramadan; as follows:

  • The case of identity, sovereignty and the social contract.
  • Negotiation and means of getting out of the state of Intractability in the Syrian experience.
  • The deterioration of the economic and livelihood situation and sanctions.

The meeting has approved the “Interim Regulations”, and the Secretary has submitted a proposal to increase the number of Cairo Conference Committee’s members for the next six months to include 15 cadres in purpose of ensuring a balanced participation of women and youth. The proposal was approved by a majority of 27 participants.

Thus, the Cairo conference committee now is made up of the following  ladies and gentlemen: Abjar Maloul, Ahmed Jabawi, Jamal Soliman, Jouliette Kourie , Khaled Al Mahamid, Hassan Faraj, Qassem Al Khatib, Rawad Blan, Shorouk Abu Zeidan, Saleh Al Nabawani, Fatima Sharba, Malik Al Hafiz, Maram Daoud, Hoda Al-Masry and Haitham Manna.

According to the new regulations, the General Secretariat is a basic body that feed up various bureaus and activities, and hold its meetings on a monthly basis. While the Cairo Conference Committee coordinates the work and activities between the various bureaus, and hold its meetings on weekly basis.

It is worth mentioning that more than eighty militants who participated in the Cairo conference or adopt its outputs, are keeping in touch with the structural process and participate, regulatory or culturally, in the process of advancing the political solution in cooperation with all the national democratic forces in the country.

Finally; It was decided to hold the next meeting of the General Secretariat on Monday , May-3-2021.

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