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Gaza and the globalizationaized management of brutality

Haytham Manna

The late free-pen André Vltchek wrote before his departure in 2020:

“From London to Washington, ‘respectable’ propagandists are protecting people around the world from ‘inconvenient truths’. Public opinion, ideology, and perceptions are manufactured. Like mass-produced cars and smartphones, they are marketed through propaganda and media… Fear and nihilism have taken over the entire planet—fear of being the target of “sanctions” by the Western masters of the world. The fear of being “stigmatized”, boycotted, and marginalized, the stigma of “nihilism” is also carried by the propagandists entrenched in the media and universities in the West. The apparatchiks were hired to attack any progressive and independent idea, regardless of its form or origin. Optimism, passionate enthusiasm, and the dream of a better world are subject to attack, distortion, loss of credibility, and, at best, ridicule and mockery.”[1]

This is what we have been living openly since October 7, 2023, in the world falsely and slanderously called ‘free’. A world that classifies everyone who disagrees with it as a camp of evil, a “democratic world” that has nothing left but violence and lies as a means of survival: creating the enemy and then demonizing them with a dictionary of gray definitions, a necessity for continuation (war on terrorism, protecting democratic systems, eliminating everyone who threatens Israel’s security…) it does not matter, what is important is that the mission becomes simply to destroy and annihilate this “evil,” and since this evil cannot be from the world of “Western civilization”, dehumanizing it becomes an obligatory condition for depriving it of its right to life, security, and dignity, that is, its annihilation.

No matter how much the Ukrainian war revealed the methods of lying, deception, and misleading Western propaganda, it is in no way equivalent to what we are witnessing today in terms of the positions taken by the “criminals of the word” regarding the daylight genocide of the Palestinian people and the Gaza Strip. The new-old ‘philosophers’ come out to us with laments and accounts of systematic rapes, beheadings of children, and burning of what is possible of them… And just as Blinken reminds the American diplomat that he is a Jew, Finkielkraut, BH Lévy, Eric Zemmour, and Arthur remind us that they are Jews as well, after they told us for ages of pure secularism that makes religion a personal rather than public issue! They denounce the presence of 48 percent of French Muslims who do not consider the Islamic Resistance Movement a terrorist organization? Note that the percentage in the various sectors and religions does not differ much today, after more than 74 days of mass massacres, and it does not differ much from that. When the former head of Doctors Without Borders, Rony Brauman (who is from a Jewish family), says that “it cannot be accepted to classify the Islamic resistance to the occupation as a terrorist organization… there are double standards and deliberate exclusion of crimes that are described and exist on the ground, such as the apartheid system, mass displacement, and random murder.” the most important figures of Doctors Without Borders are sentenced to be banned from the most important French television channels. The ironic but crying absurdity is that a journalist close to Israeli circles pays the price for his media appearance by saying a sentence known far and wide: “It is not possible to compare Hamas to ISIS or Al-Qaeda, because since its birth, Hamas has not carried out a single military action outside the Palestinian territories.”

Where is the honest journalist who ‘could’ say that you accuse French Muslims of dual affiliation but talk to us day and night about soldiers and officers with dual nationality who committed serious crimes in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza; and with their war on the Palestinians they burden the peoples of France, Britain, Germany, etc.?

Yes, there is intellectual, cultural, and media terrorism, terrorism in which we find in a television discussion panel eight participants, all from one camp: the camp that supports the most extreme Israeli governments. And the editors of Progressive Voices are being threatened that they are exposing themselves to charges of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism?

It’s where we, also, listen to the Israeli army spokesman every day more than any French official, whether pro or opposition, and it is forbidden to publish photos of demolished hospitals and a table of lists of nearly 90 journalists who were martyred, more than 150 United Nations employees who were victims of indiscriminate bombing, and nearly 300 medical, relief, and civil defense personnel. Divided between being arrested naked near Beersheba, or among the bodies that were swept away by occupation bulldozers – that shoveled humans, trees, and stones – in front of hospitals.

“We refrain from transmitting many images of what is happening in Gaza, out of concern not to transfer the conflict to France” the LCI television station’s news presenter, says. While the right-wing populist channel, CNews, brings in ‘semi-intellectuals’ to talk about the “clash of civilizations,” considering the Israeli apartheid regime as a continuation of Western or white civilization in its battle with the Arab and Islamic obscurantism.

Social media networks freed from the scissors of censorship and blocking have succeeded in penetrating the monopoly of the globalizationaized management of brutality, which has controlled the most important international media spaces since the occupation of Iraq and harnessed them to serve direct and indirect American wars. It was ironic, for example, that five television stations appeared in France in thirty hours, each claiming that it was the most listened to and most watched in the country!! At a moment when their traditional listeners abandoned their channels to search for information or news that would bring them closer to the truth of what has been happening.

Gaza has dropped the fig leaf from the Western media’s loins, and perhaps the inevitable result of that is the end of the era where large media empires have degenerated to a point where they are no different from the means of propaganda in the most dictatorial countries in the world.


Published in Arabic 19/12/2023  Translated by Mamdouh Al-Qudsi

  • [1] Noam Chomsky & Andre Vltchek, 2020, On Western Terrorism: From Hiroshima to Drone Warfare


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