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Cairo Declaration

DURING the last four years, Syria has witnessed an escalation of violence, destruction and a comprehensive demolition of the state and society. From the beginning, the Syrian regime insisted in ignorance the people’s demand for reform and change. When the regime dealt in this way that generated an increasing in violence, extremism and terrorism, and it blockaded the horizons of any political solution to the crisis that the society and the state are witnessing.

The situation in Syria demands from the opposition groups to mobilize its power along with its supporters for restoration the programme of democratic change into its normal position to be able to salvage the Syrian people from the lesion of dictatorship, corruption and terrorism. Invited by the Egyptian council for foreign affairs, a group of Syrian opposition forces and national prominent figures met on jan-22 until Jan 24-2015, for discussing the crucial situations, which Syria is witnessing, and for drawing, a vision and a roadmap expresses on behalf of a wider spectrum of the opposition. In addition, for uniting the whole efforts to revive the negotiated political solution accordingly to Geneva communique and the United Nations related solution.

Reviewing a number of proposed initiatives that circulated by the attendants before the meeting, so the attendants did their best for reaching an agreement based on what is common and mutual to build an atmosphere of common work and social mobilization in purpose of salvaging the homeland.

(…..)The attendants agreed on that the national political choice based on essential basis:

*Defending the unity of Syria’s soil and people.

*Assuring the independence and sovereign of Syria.

* To keep the statehood with its institutions by brings Geneva communique into effect especially the article regarding the Transitional Governing Body TGB enjoying full capabilities.

* TGB’s mission is only to supervise the democratic transitional process accordingly to a specified timetable supported by international guarantees within the following Ten Points:

1- The Negotiated process id targeting to move forward to achieve a democratic system and a sovereign civil state. The solution for Syria is totally a national political solution.

2- Agreeing on a social contract and a national charter establishing a modern democratic civil state securing the political freedom, civil rights based on the principles of citizenship, the equality of Syrians, the equality of genders and ensuring the whole rights of all ethnics that Syria is consisting of.

3- Any realistic solution, for Syria, needs a necessary international and regional cove, in addition to a huge public support. Therefore, this requested a historical compromise reflecting the ambition and the revolution of the Syrian people. All that should constructed on Geneva communique with clear international guarantees. All kinds of international efforts to bring the compromise into effect welcomed.

4- The un-united opposition’s efforts played a negative role and one of the reasons of sustaining the conflict. Therefore, we consider that a united position of the opposition is a national duty and request.

5- A number of necessary steps are required, by all supporters, for starting the political process and ensuring the success of the political solution, as the following:

*Cooperative action for freeing all detainees, men and women.

*Freeing all men and women who are being abducted.

*Pledging to respect the international humanitarian law by stopping war crimes and shelling civilians.

*stopping preventing the civilians from the conditions of the normal life.

*pledging to distribute all food, drugs and reliefs needs to all sieged areas.

*The unfair international economic sanctions, which badly affected civilians, should be lifted.

*ensuring the necessary conditions for displaced people to returning homes.

6- All Syrian parties should reach a primary agreement for ending all forms of foreign military existence in Syria, regardless:

*The country it belongs to.

*The party it belongs to.

*The Syrian party it is fighting in favour.

However, the existence of the non-Syrian fighters has doubled the disaster and played a basic role in damaging the unity of the social national textile. In addition, it prevents the Syrians from solving their problems themselves.

7- Achieving the negotiated solution will imposes on all parties to pledge on the principle that The State is the only body who is allowed to carry on weapons and arms. That needs to restructure the military and intelligence institutions and merging the armed opposition groups, which involved in the political solution, within it. That, in turn, will securing the duty of this two institution, which only should be to protect the independence and sovereignty of the country in addition to safety and dignity for all Syrians.

8- Demanding the international legitimacy to take into consideration its responsibilities for drying the sources of terrorism. Demanding, also, all the countries to respect the United Nations solution regarding confronting terrorism, especially the solutions No 2170 & 2178.

9- The political solution, which guarantees comprehensive democratic change and criminalizes violence and sectarianism, is the objective condition to mobilize the Syrians in the battle against the terrorist organizations which recently spread and targeting the present and future of Syria.

10- Preparing for a national Syrian conference, to be held in Cairo next spring. Forming a committee to make connections with all Syrian oppositions forces for preparing and participating in the conference. The committee mission is also to promote this meeting outcome and to convince Arabs, regional and international power for contribution in the efforts for reaching the political solution accordingly to Geneva Communique.

Victory for the great Syrian people and its ambition to achieve the targets of freedom, democracy and dignity.

Glory for the Martyrs.

Cairo 24-01-2015

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