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Cairo Conference Committee (CCC)

At the initiative of the members of the Cairo Conference Committee for the Syrian Opposition (CCC), a virtual meeting was held on December 1st, 2020, which gathered twenty-five persons that participated to the Cairo Conference of the Syrian Opposition, held in 8-9 June 2015.

The objectives of this meeting were as follows:

First – To revitalize the presence of the Cairo conference for the Syrian opposition on the political exchequer, and to strengthen the efforts of the CCC representatives – referred to as the ’Cairo platform’ – in the Syrian Negotiations Committee (SNC) and the Constitutional Committee, amid the challenges of implementing a political solution in Syria.

Second – To reactivate the role of the CCC and its Political Outcomes/Narratives in the relationship with the Syrian national political spectrum, independent figures, and in the regional and international political and diplomatic fora.

Third – To resume contacts with political groups and personalities – that were members of the CCC and stayed away from it – as well as with other civil and political entities that were established after June 2015.

Fourth – In relation with the above fact, it was necessary to re-elect the members of the CCC Follow-up Committee. Eight members were elected to carry on the task defined in objective three, and the option to extend the number of CCC Follow-up Committee members to include other participating representatives from the Cairo conference is feasible

Fifth – To reviewing and evaluate the missions and efforts undertaken by representatives of the CCC in the SNC and the Constitutional Committee. The participants listened to an exhaustive presentation by the CCC components’ involvement in the negotiation and constitutional processes. They discussed the CCC’s will to assign suitable and qualified representatives, to work with the SNC and with the in Constitutional Committee.

The participants revisited the outcomes of the Cairo conference, especially the two documents of the National Covenant Document and the Road Map for a negotiated political solution for a democratic Syria and reaffirmed its prevalence

1- Independence national decision and the Unity of Syria its people.

2- The non-viability of military solutions in Syria. and the adherence to a political solution that guarantees the transition from a despotic State to a democratic State, where the sovereignty of the people prevails, and where power is transferred peacefully through a fair and transparent electoral process. This can only be implemented in a safe and neutral environment, which is what Syria lacks in its current circumstances.

3- Adherence to the United Nations facilitation of the negotiation process in accordance with the 2012 Geneva Communiqué and Resolution 2254 of 2015.

4- Condemning all attempts of external actors’ hegemony to impose agendas that serve their interests and not the interests of Syria and its people.

5- Condemning all forms of terrorism and extremism that have transformed e Syria to a platform for its destructive cross-borders project.

The Cairo conference reaffirms its intention to reach out to all Syrian people residing in Syria and abroad to discuss the CCC outcomes and documents and encourage the various parties to adopt them, regardless their political affiliations. The conference also adheres to dialogue and constructive cooperation with the independent democratic Syrian opposition forces, and joining all efforts for the sake of a free and democratic Syria that we all strive for.

The meeting also reaffirmed the conference’s adherence to the role of the United Nations and its resolutions related to Syria, and sincere commitment of the Special Envoy, Mr. Geir Pederson. CCC will pursue its reach out to the regional, international political and diplomatic mediators to promote Cairo Outcomes and Documents.

The CCC also affirms the primordial Arab role in the Syrian File. In this regard, the conferees expresses their support for the recent Quartet meetings (the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) and looks forward for their involvement in the implementation of a political solution in Syria in order to preserve its unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity

The attendees discussed the importance of conducting rounds of communication with the popular, political and civil circles in Syria and in the Syrians’ gatherings in the diaspora countries to circulate and discuss the CCC documents, and inject young blood to the CCC and encourage the various parties to adopt them mainly in the attempts of the Syrian patriots to hold a general Syrian National Conference.

We are committed to achieving peace for Syria and the Syrians and establishing a democratic system that consecrates freedom, justice and equality, and addresses the disasters left over from the war in Syria and around Syria from the disasters of the Syrians.

Cairo Conference Committee (CCC)

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